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Restaurants can make a difference. They are more than just a place where people consume food. Good restaurants are institutions. Home for a community of diners and employees. They shape people's tastes and understanding of what food is, what it can and should be. Let us help you lead by example. 

shop for sustainability

What you buy and where you buy have an enormous impact on the environment. We will help you design your supply chain so that your sourcing makes a change for the better. We will make sense of the local, the seasonal, the fair trade, the chemical free, the recyclable and the sustainably harvested so that you can focus on the cooking, and so they fully reflect your values and ideals. 

cook for sustainability

From designing a menu to running your kitchen, sustainability sciences offer multiple points of intervention that will save you money and express your sustainability priorities. Saving water and energy, eliminating plastics and packaging, minimizing your carbon footprint are all within reach.  

indulge sustainability

Your patrons express who they are through their choice of venue. We will help you meet their sustainability needs by strengthening transparency, finding the right solutions for healthy eating and positive design, and showcasing your achievements through environmental footprinting and social impact assessment and report.   


waste not

The circular economy is rapidly replacing our single use economy. Restaurants are already required in many places to find innovative solutions for their end of life products, from food to cooking oil. Get ahead of the curve and together we will find ways to eliminate waste. 

be part of a sustainable community

Sustainability is about people. Sustainable restaurants make sure that they nurture the people they work with, live with, employ, and serve. From ensuring workers' rights throughout your supply chain to leading your local community, chefs have the power to make a better society. 

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