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We are shaping new sustainability policies every day 

We work with policy makers and influencers that have a sense of urgency to find solutions to our world's most pressing social-environmental problems: from adapting regional development to a changing climate to locating the right opportunities for unleashing the power of civil society.


We help them better understand the problem they are facing, and find innovative comprehensive policy tools that can literally change the world. We have worked with policy makers on a local, regional, national and international levels. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and implement effective policy in an effective way.

We make sure you make an informed decision and design policy based on global state of the art

Learning from best practices and from failed experiences we put a great deal of emphasis on understanding tradeoffs and synergies of different measures, untangling regulatory questions and clarifying process related issues. We can produce different tools to support you in the policy formulation process, from developing idea banks, analyzing policy measures and interviewing individuals with unique insight to designing and/or adjusting tools to match local circumstances.


We identify stakeholders relevant to catalyzing change

From farmers and scientists to restaurateurs and civil activists - we engage with every actor in the system, to make sure their voices are heard and they are part of the process of change. We believe a good policy is one that recognizes the experience of people on the ground and finds ways to incorporate their wisdom into decision making and eventual outcomes. 


We are experts in communicating complex issues to different audiences

Good research is important, but communicating it requires tailoring the information to the right audience. We offer a wide range of tools that ensure policy makers, a community of practice and the wide public can are able to take in the information and act on it. We also take part in innovative cross-disciplinary research projects, where we apply both our research and communication skills to create new understanding of the topic at hand.     

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