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Tzruya and Amit discovered their passion for sustainability very early on in their journey. At 16 Tzruya was involved with salmon enhancement efforts, helping to grow and release salmon to rivers in Vancouver Island, and Amit began working on the spectacular and endangered coral reef in the Red Sea. This led them to a lifelong commitment to cultivating positive change in global society and environment.


They bolstered sustainability in campaigns and projects throughout the world – from public transport in Tel Aviv to water management in Ethiopia and greening up New York's Parks. They have worked with industry, governments, UN organizations, International and local NGOs, and are dedicated sustainability leaders and communicators.


Upon graduating their Master’s degrees from two of the top sustainability and resource management programs in the world at Yale and Johns Hopkins, Tzruya and Amit established Sustainability Foresight – a consultancy that tracks the most advanced solutions and opportunities the world of sustainability has to offer, bringing them to light and helping others implement them and create new solutions of their own.


Recently their consultancy focused on the transitions occurring in the global agri-food systemand has been involved in projects from farm to fork - guiding businesses and others along the supply chain in adopting new tools from the sustainability shelf. 


Tzruya and Amit look for new ways in which restaurants can not only become more sustainable, but use sustainability to tell new stories about who they are, their culinary vision and innovation, and spark a positive change in their community.


They work with farmers, scientists, policy makers and the creative industry to develop a whole ecosystem where sustainable restaurants can flourish. 


From circular economy to precision agriculture, from climate change adaptation to biodiversity – Tzruya and Amit are passionate about finding the right ingredients to make sustainability a culinary staple.

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